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A quick update from my studio – some finished and sold toys

Felix the dreamer. Relocated to New York


Pippa is gonna see her ‘person’ growing up and hopefully will have lots of great time with her girl


Poppy and mini mini donkey Gardi, a special order


Gardi and his ‘own green bit’


Bob & Holly, ready for smiles


Kiki is gone with Pippa


And Neda, who loves children and a good egg sandwich. And a good company. And her good friend Lila. And she will love Saule, her new owner. And I love the fact that my toys are living their lifes. Thanks you!!!


And a few more to come soon…

at last

after some silence let’s make some noise! 🙂

‘Hot crossbuns’… – whispers big bear no1. Or do I hear my own whispering? Hmmm… That’s Bruno

dark chocolate

‘I don’t want a new home!’ – shouts big bear no2 (Cinnamon)c. I’m gonna have to make sure he goes to a lovely family (as lovely as ours, he he 🙂


‘Where are our promised wooden boxes?’ – I hear these two non stop… ‘Sigh’…

Small bear 1


and small bear 2


‘Carrots! Carrots! Caaarrroootttsss!’ – on demand from this little creature


‘I wish my scarf would be white, not brown…’  – comes from the corner of my desk. So I’m looking for some white yarn now for my white bunny. I’m also gonna make a white quilt for her. And white cakes to go with a white tea set. All in a white wooden box…


And there are two more bigger bears… One needs legs and both – clothes, toys… So still quite a bit to do, but I’m getting closer and closer with my proper shop update. I’m!

That’s it for now. Will be back with the progress on my shop update very soon.

Enjoy the rest of the week!