Bring me back to my early years and give me Adelie! Ah… I would keep her now, but really, she’s made for little hands to take her into the big world, full of fun, adventures and lots and lots of love…

2 of the dresses are reversible: no1


weekend bag that will fit more than a few treats

Hope she finds a good home. Hope I’ll make more cats…



This little miss fluffy is a birthday wish that I’ve had an opportunity to grand. Great feeling. Thank you Yvette (and Victoria!) for that!

Mazoji pukuote yra gimtadienio noras, o as gavau galimybe ji ivykdyti. Geras jausmas. Dekui uzsakovam uz ji!

More toys/items very soon in my new shop… and that mini give-away is still happening! 😉


Is it the blue patches in the sky and the warmth outside, is it Friday, or is it the happy feeling – I love what I do, I love what and who I have, that tickle my soul… regardless the reasons – the spring has visited me!

Mandy (sold!) wanted to be like Mai. Special. But don’t we all are? 🙂

Raspberry muffins… Mandy’s favourites

Photo album to remind of her friends and home she comes from…


A special dress for a special occasion

And something pretty to sleep in

Hope your Friday is good too! x

who says they do not exist anymore?

although I’m glad mine have very little in common with the ‘real thing’ – we love dinosaurs and especially these. Pick your favourite:

Zodi – the madam. If she would have lips, I would have a half  ‘eaten’ lipstick.


Zee – the cleaner. I might regret if he goes. Such a helper.


Zag – my wannabe star. Only he does not know yet himself what sort of star he wants to be. I hope the shining one…


and Zoog – he’s the shy one


You already met my darling vegetarian.

I so wanted to get a picture of all of them together… and this is the best one I’ve got.