Oregon/Washington, part 1

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”
― Henry David Thoreau

My husband and I spoke about celebrating our 40’st Birthdays on the road, somewhere in America. We even shook hands on it. There was never a real plan though, just a nice idea. One, that we’ve also never worked on to help it all materialize. Well, perhaps just dreaming about it counts?

Fast forward 2 years and see us standing on American land, taking day trips and getting bewitched by glorious beauty of Oregon/Washington. Magic happened, we did it. And it was great. Really, really great!!!


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With my head high in the clouds

After the rain the sky will shine and that’s so beautifull… I put headphones on and imagine myself walking on that white soft carpet that covers the sky. Nothing else arround you, no other sounds. The mind is free. Breath in,  close your eyes and spin arround… runn arround, leave footprints, move clouds with hands, make patterns and watch how the wind customizes it all. I love it. The sky, the clouds and happy me…

When I’m on earth I still make the usual things, including toys for you:





There will be a give away v. soon, so watch the space 😉

In a mean time – stay happy!

‘You Don’t Know Me’

What do you do, when your day starts with Monday, rain, dark sky, strong wind and a kid that instead of ‘good morning’ says ‘I don’t want to go to school’? I tend to hate Mondays (and I hear it’s pretty normal), but today is the day when I decided some things can be changed.

I’m playing this amazing, fantastic, beautiful, uplifting and unique album. It’s so mine for today…

Thinking of a sky like this

and getting some boys ready:
Benet, who keeps on making me smile
Jaap, whom I so would love to keep…
darling Rodger
and one girl -Sadie with her dolly

And I’m gonna smile a lot today. And tomorrow… And be positive. And not concentrated on my appointment with a dentist tomorrow. Play and laugh. And love Monday.

Happy Monday to you too!