Specially ordered, specially made, now lives across the ocean – mommy Eevi.

Specialiai uzsakyta, specialiai padaryta ir sekmingai gyvenanti uzu atlanto – mamyte Eevi.

There will be more bears and more babies… but next time: I’m planing to share some more of those lovely Japanese books I’ve and one of them will be up for grabs.

Enjoy your weekend!

Bus daugiau mesku ir kudikeliu… bet sakanti karta planuoju pasidalinti mielom japoniskom knygelem ir viena nedidele dovanele. Gero savaitgalio!


Olivia has a baby!

She had only one wish on her list and how could I have not grounded it? Baby Oliver was born healthy and made his mum (and their new owner) very very happy



I was making Bingo, the dog,  for Davi, but sometimes even I can not control everything. He chose Olivia as his best friend. So I made another dog who now adores Davi



This is the 3d version of a pram that my bear finally said ‘yes’ to. Still not perfect… I had my own ideas how it should look, but it ended up almost a copy of this one. In any way, you’ll see more prams here from now on. There are more babies on the way…