we’re here to help

you, me, all of us. Any kind of good thing for somebody, even yourself – is important, vital and with beautiful occasions (like Christmas, when we share, we give, we appreciate and love a bit more…) approaching, together we could spread the good and enjoy the results. Even if not huge ones. Every little counts. Always.


So what’s the help for? For kids. For those who we live for, build a future for, create dreams and hopes, for those we love truly and the most. And this time – for somebody else’s kids.

Below, I’ve translated the original post by Ginte, from Kokonas. She’s organising a Charity Christmas Craft Fair in Vilnius (Lithuania) to help raise money for a special centre. Here is what she wrote:

“…it’s for a small Rudolf Steiner Pedagogical Centre of Healing in Vilnius (Lithuania). A special place, because it’s for special little people. Kids who are in some ways different, who interpret the world differently, see differently, smell differently, hear differently… Most kids at this centre have a diagnosis written in their medical notes – autism. Others do not have such a unforgivable line stating their condition, but their behaviour, or a look gives it away – they are ‘the children of stars’… At the moment, the centre has only 4 regular kids (although there is a capacity for a few more), but at least 3-4 come daily for hourly individual classes, they are constantly changing, some coming from other towns and all with big hopes… Because it’s the only institution in Vilnius, more less orientated for kids with development difficulties from the autistic spectrum.
What sort of kids are these? Exceptionally beautiful. Mainly boys. Often very gifted in something (other resources say, only 20% mentally capable to learn what is basic and easily understood by the rest of us), but their talents, emotions, foresights are totally shut & locked. To find the fitting key is very hard, but once you find one, you might see that the lock has been already changed…
What is needed? Those kids need to practice and learn, constantly and very consistently. It requires very patient, responsible specialists, one teacher working with 20 kids in this case will not help, there are more eyes and hands needed, more time without terms and other stress. Those kids need stable and cosy, free space, they need special equipment, tools and practically tested methodical knowledge. And it all costs. Where to get time – I don’t know, but I know that all of the staff salaries and energy bills ‘eat’ all of the money paid by parents. And nothing is left for the special plant based paint (in case kids decide to lick the paint and such things do happen), so that it’s safe. They need natural bee wax, for melting it, exploring the temperatures, changing forms and feeling, making something out of it. They need sports equipment, educational toys, simple music instruments. These important things also have a tendency to constantly run out, splash, brake… it’s a never ending story… And if there is no equipment, the help doesn’t come in time. Emptiness swallows these kids. Literally…
Different sources state about 0.1% of whole population is autistic. I’m a mom of one of them…”

I agree with Ginte and many many others, who will and are taking part in this heart warming and still growing event. Little children, even if just a handful of them, do deserve our help. And they are not asking for much.

I’m auctioning my little bear in a box. From the money I’m hoping to buy the necessary natural Stockmar watercolor, crayons, modelling bee wax the centre is in need of. I’m gonna keep the process public and will show what has been bought, sent and once it reaches Ginte, she’ll ‘broadcast’ from her side. I’m exited and hopeful. Helping can be so easy and so rewarding. This one will be!

Sooooo… – my little  Mai. It took me a while to think of a special edition… I wanted to use some of my vintage fabric and ribbons I have, so it dictated the theme – vintage/new.

My kind, girly and so well mannered little one will make me proud, she is gonna light up your house and you wont remember the money she cost you – she’s one of a kind! 🙂

with a one of the spare special occasion dresses on

mai mai


and another one, as a girl can never have one too many




everybody needs a friend, so Mai has tiny Big




for the tea


and for those sweet, sweet dreams


if there is bed & bedding, there must be a night dress



We even have a family photo album


and really, all what’s left – is you providing a home for her, so make a bid!!!

Little bear stands at around 13cm or 5.1 inches tall and comes in a small hand painted wooden box along with all of the goodies that you see.

Mai and Big will go to the person who offers the highest bid ( please be aware, you’ll need a PayPal account for purchasing it!) by 25th November, 11pm GMT. Use the comments below for your offers. Make a bid. Make a change.

Thank you!

P.S. Julie from lovely Cotton Rabbits is selling gorgeous Perlina and all of the money will go to buy more stuff for the centre (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!)! Maybe you would like to join us and make this whole ‘help the autistic kids in Lithuania’ a little bit, or a lot bigger? You could sell something handmade (and pass the money), or even donate it to organisers directly (write me mia@toxi.co.uk) so that it can be sold at the Christmas Craft Fair in Vilnius (!). Doing good is easy. And very addictive! 😉

Look what others donated for the fair: from Loreta, from Indra. And there are/will be more!