Back on track

Lately I’ve been not feeling too well. Daily headaches and higher levels of unnecessary anxiety left me exhausted physically and mentally. But, today it’s all colors bright again as I’ve started Chinese acupuncture course and have other things lined up to help me feel better, so I’m back.

I’m in bed quite early in these days , that’s good for me, but that also leads to big sights every time I look at my new fabrics… šŸ™‚

my first order form purlsoho

I have big hopes for some new toys soon. Big hopes for a lot of new things actually.

Speaking of which, here is a couple…

kiss me

Today my older son’sĀ  school was fund-raising money for needed equipment. Valentine’s cake stall, so we baked:



And then some of us relaxed…

Eh, relaxed, that’s what I want to be too šŸ™‚