a dinosaur friend?

Zook is not just a shy character. He can be quiet/er around new or very loud people, but he also can be so funny and has an imagination bigger than any of us in the house can handle (and we can handle a lot, but Zook’s is way bigger that ‘a lot’, in a very positive way, of course). We hear stories that beat any awarage kids story book (well, ok, not always, but really, he’s very good)…

We don’t  mind Zook staying with us, in fact we love him to bits and would like to keep him all to ourselves,  but we have another dino ‘Dinosaur’, same looking (a double), only with a very different personality and he’s  my littlest ones birthday present and the two toys get constantly mixed up and often there are big tears… and tears are not so much fun. So Zook wants a new home. A home with kid/s, so he can put his fantastic imagination and those entertainment skills to a good use. And we want Zook to be very very loved. So he’s free and could be yours, for you, with you…

Some personal info:

hight: 25cm (9.8 inch) tall

lengh: 41cm (16.1 inch) long

made from cotton, filled with polyester, has a hand embroidery on the back.

Leave a comment and on the 12th by 11am (London time) keep your fingers crossed. I’m keeping mine crossed for Zook.

Zook’as ne tik kuklus. Jis gali but tylus/esnis tarp nauju ar garsakalbiu zmoniu, bet jis dar ir juokingas, o jo vaizduote didesne nei kuris is musu namuose gali atlaikyti (o mes atlaikom daug, bet Zook’o daug didesne nei ‘daug’, cia geraja prasme, kas be ko). Mes girdim istorijas, kurios ‘pramusa’ bet kuria vidutiniskai gera vaikiska istoriju knyga (na, visko buna, bet jis is tikro, nuostabus pasakorius)… Mes visai nieko pries Zook’a liekanti pas mus, labai labai ji mylime ir tikrai noretumem ji pasilikti sau, but turim dar viena dino ‘Dinosaur’a’, taip pat atrodanti (antrininka), tik jis kitokia persona ir mano maziausiojo gimtadienio dovana, o abu zaislai pastoviai ‘painiojami’ kas daznai baigiasi asarom… o asaros ne toks jau ir didelis smagumas. Taigi Zook’as nori nauju namu. Namu su vaiku/ais, kad butu su kuo isnaudoti jo fantastiska vaizduote ir linksminimo sugebejimus. O men norime kad Zook’as butu labai labai mylimas. Tad jis nemokamas ir galetu buti jusu, jums, su jumis….

Kiek asmenines info:

ugis: 25cm

ilgis: 41cm

pagamintas is medvilnes, kimstas polyesteriu ir turi rankom siuvineta nugara.

Palik komentara ir 12-ta d. iki 11val. (Londono laiku) laikyk pirsciukus sukryziuotus. As savuosius kryziuoju Zook’o labui.

who says they do not exist anymore?

although I’m glad mine have very little in common with the ‘real thing’ – we love dinosaurs and especially these. Pick your favourite:

Zodi – the madam. If she would have lips, I would have a half  ‘eaten’ lipstick.


Zee – the cleaner. I might regret if he goes. Such a helper.


Zag – my wannabe star. Only he does not know yet himself what sort of star he wants to be. I hope the shining one…


and Zoog – he’s the shy one


You already met my darling vegetarian.

I so wanted to get a picture of all of them together… and this is the best one I’ve got.



Zig. Quite big, quite nice, eats spinach and other greens. And keeps on turning all of the lights in the house off. He wants to scare us… but no luck so far.

He’s a dinosaur and will be offered for sale tomorrow along with a few more of the same fearsome kind.