Mr Hims

When it comes to toys made for adults, Hims is one of them, I tend to favour the ‘neutral’ – no gender bears. I also like them plain, without any accessories, just the way they would be in the nature. But then dressed up animal isn’t so bad either. After all, the clothes are easy to take off…

Mr Hims is 23cm (9inches) tall. He can’t stand on his own, but can sit and move his little arms and legs. Fully joined: head on double cotter pins, arms &m legs on single pin joints. Bear made form German mohair, stuffed with polyester, some plastic pallets (for the extra weight) and lots of love! His face and body are shaded with oil paint. Not meant for kids, recommended age 16-99 ;).

Coming soon

hims2 hims3



Digital revolution at the Barbican

If you like interactive digital art and you’re (or planning to be) in London this summer, then I would suggest you visit Barbican and it’s Digital Revolution. And take your kids with you!

IMG_6263Minimaforms: Theo and Stephen Styropolous

IMG_6287Umbrellium, Usman Haque and Nitipak ‘Dot’ Samsen

IMG_6357Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet’s Wishing Wall 

IMG_6422Les Métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia, by Cyril Diagne and Beatrice Lartigue

IMG_6353Co(de)factory by Karsten Schmidt (my husband!!!)



IMG_6504will.i.amYuri Suzuki


Chris Milk The Treachery of Sanctuary