And once again, we’re counting days…

Winter feels nearer in London in these days. The temperatures have dropped, we get to see frost’s visits every morning now & I hear some (little people I know) are already far into dreaming about a possible white Christmas and proper sledging in the woods :).  Christmas trees are being brought into homes and this is what I love about December – seeing all the dressed up trees in windows of strangers’ homes and Christmas lights in the dark. The oven is turned on more often & home is treated to vanilla and all-ground spice smells, the homemade gingerbread men are filing up storage containers in the kitchen, joining us for the long wait till the very special day… I like December. It’s cozy.


Where the little things grow…

I’ve decided to try something new this time. Instead of selling sets in my shop, I’m thinking to offer  little creations separately, so one can choose and make a set of their own. What you think? I’m getting very exited to see if this new concept will work better for you all.  Still want to make more items before next shop update (Tuesday-Wednesday?), so if you’re (on my Waiting list) waiting/hoping for a girl fox – you’ll get an e-mail  on the day.

In the mean time, the sun is promised to us Londoners tomorrow and we have some celebrations to do… Have a lovely weekend, stay well and smile! 😉



Tai ka. 2012? Atidunda. Atskuba. Kaip koks neisvengiamas svetys. Masiskas laukimas. Kazkas svencia, kazkas jau atsvente. Kazkas dziaugiasi, kas gal asarele kita nubraukia. Kas kaip. Mes va, nusprendem ispudi Naujiem Metam padaryti. Namus puolem (pries)paskutine diena is pagrindu tvarkyti. Kambariu paskirti pakeisti (nerekomenduojam!), apsikuopti, apmazinti uzgyventu daiktu skaiciu. Atsinaujinti. Sakom gera pradzia toliau su minimalesnem pastangom daugybe geru dalyku atsinesa. Tai stai kaip mes i Naujuosius, svariau, erdviau ir su daugiau vietos smegeninese svajojimui ir tu graziu dalyku auginimui.

Esam dekingi 2011-iem. Nepavyko mum labai susidraugauti, bet geru dalyku situose metuose vis tiek netruko. Ir palydesim besibaigianciuosius su sypsenom, su apkabinimais, su meile sirdutese ir geru zodziu.

Aciu uz Jusu pasisveciavima sitoje kuklioje erdeje, aciu uz sildancius zodzius, laiskus, uz naujus namus mano kurineliams! Sekmingo Nauju pasitikimo ir graziu, visom prasmem metu!

So, 2012? Approaching. Rushing in. Like some unavoidable guest. Masses of people are waiting. Most are celebrating (big), some already did. With joy or a few tears wiped away. Whoever does what. We, completely out of the blue, have decided to impress the New Year. Moving rooms (not recommending!), de-cluttering, clearing and cleaning. Renewing. For 2 days in! It’s believed that a good start, brings lots more of good. So that’s how we’re heading into the New Year: cleaner, with more space and with also lots more room in our brain for dreams and good things to grow.

We’re thankful to the 2011. We did not get to become very firm friends with it, but still, there were plenty of good things in this year. We’ll send off the 2011 with smiles, hugs &  love in our hearts!

Thank you all for visiting this small space here, always thanks for your warming words, e-mails & for all the loving homes my creations live in! Wishing you a beautiful, in all ways possible, New Year!

Kisess, Mia


The sun was shining high when he came into our world, so beautiful, so calm & strong… he brought the love… He’s my little teacher, my friend, joy. He’s my first-born. He’s with us! And I’m so grateful.

I was listening to Dead can dance album ‘Toward the Within’ for half a day while dancing around the kitchen….My favourite. Now even this music will have memories of his & my big day…

Gingerbread man on sticks recipe. Great little something to share your special day with friends. We brought these for classmates and they made people smile. Wrapped in paper bags they would be perfect for party bags.

Cake recipe. A successful modification: agave instead of sugar (used about 70ml, mixed with buttermilk). The filling is just ricotta cheese with lemon juice and agave. I wanted to try to colour the dough, using natural colourants : raspberries for pink, carrot juice + turmeric for yellow and spirulina for green. Next time I would swap beetroot juice for pink and would use saffron for a deeper yellow. And would bake the cake in a wider tin…

Celebrations continue.

oh spring

I know you’re here. Because I’m in bed earlier, far more often than in the cold dark months. I get so tired. From dreaming so much, making new plans, smiling more and laughing. Staying outdoors a bit longer and even doing some hmhm, exercise, as I know the warmth is coming and I won’t need all the extra ‘layers’ that somehow happened over the winter.

We celebrate you spring, we celebrate Easter

traditional Easter eggs, coloured with red cabbage (for a blue, in our case – very pale, colour) and red+yellow onion skins (for a rich brown/burgundy colour)

our stove after egg colouring session…

and our own bunny in his special spring ‘coat’ that I somehow managed to make

Big hugs to you spring, thanks for happy days!

Happy holidays to you all too!