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new shop

it’s taken me forever ever ever ever (!!!), but good things are allowed to take their time ;). New toys in my brand NEW SHOP. At last. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….!!!! Hop hop hurray hurray!

Filo sold

Miguel sold

Emlyn sold. Thank you!

Mido sold. Thank you!

Haku gone


Kasper sold

Zina sold

Baltas sold. Thank you!

Arthur sold

Roko sold. Thank you!

Beate gone

and a few others are growing their hopes and are dreaming aloud… I’ll miss each one of them…


Bring me back to my early years and give me Adelie! Ah… I would keep her now, but really, she’s made for little hands to take her into the big world, full of fun, adventures and lots and lots of love…

2 of the dresses are reversible: no1


weekend bag that will fit more than a few treats

Hope she finds a good home. Hope I’ll make more cats…



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