Cotton fabric for clothes:

No 8 is very light see through muslin type fabric

whites and creams

lilac and pink

red brown and grey

greens and yellow


blues and tur

cotton fabric for bedding No 1-7 only and please choose 1 or 2 colours as duvet and pillow can have different fabric on both sides:

whites and creams

Felt fabric for coats:

please note, there are 2 types of felt I use: 100% Wool and 30% Wool blend. 

100% Wool felt (all of my toys & most of doll coats are made using this durable natural wool felt)

  • It’s the most durable type of felt, (Great for making heirloom quality toys).
  • It has less fuzz than other felts and it will not pill.
  • It is thicker, more tightly woven and has stronger fibres so it holds up better to wear.
  • It has slight elasticity so it can be manipulated and shaped.
  • 100% natural wool is both stain and water resistant.
  • Wool is naturally fire resistant.
  • Wool has anti-bacterial properties that keep it from mildewing.
  • Wool is hypoallergenic.
  • It is both ecologically and animal friendly. (It is a natural and sustainable resource.)



30% Wool blend (I’m only including it as the colours are favoured by some clients that are not available in 100% Wool)

  • It will pill and fuzz. (Not v. good for mini clothes if toys will be handled often!)
  • It’s thinner – so may be more see through.
  • It’s much weaker and seams are more likely to tear.
  • It catches fire almost instantly when exposed to a flame.
  • It’s durable because plastics degrade very slowly.(Not too eco friendly!)
  • Also not environmentally friendly as large quantities of chemical pollutants are created when it is manufactured.



knitting wool for hats & scarves:


acrylic, non toxic, paint for wooden boxes:



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