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  • Beautiful pictures, so pretty I cannot believe the year has ended! Here is to a peaceful and happy 2015 for one and all. Claire x

  • May this be a year of new beginnings for us all. A chance to renew our focus or recount our blessings. Mia, the start of yours looks spectacular. I see a lot of light for you in 2015. 2014 was a pleasure and I hope 2015 does keep us connected. Sending you lots of love and warmth. I hope you feel the warmth of every sunrise & the dance in every melody. *hugs* XOXO

  • Thank you Rasiuk! And thank you sweet Marie! I believe our lives reflect us and it requires our constant effort, but i like this boost up the New Year brings. I hope and wish we make this year a better one. For ourselves and others. <3