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I sometimes can’t help but wonder: when I was growing up, we had limited choices. Our town had 2 toy shops where most of mine & my friends toys came from. I was a little ‘mama’, with a few dolls and a pram as my biggest possessions. We had far less (I’m looking at the amount of toys we’ve accumulated for our 2 kids over the years and we’re still the ‘sensible’ parents…), appreciated definitely more and most of us were quite creative to compensate the lack of the ready made toys. I would have sold my little soul for the toys kids are so spoiled with in these days. Especially those toys that provide variety of usages… Handmade, brought to life.

I looked after my dolls for quite some time, playing good ‘mama’ to my babies, moving on to making clothes for them, house, furniture.  I then hoped to keep it all for my own girls I might have. I still look back and cherish the memories, my very few toys were such a true treasure. Although none of them survived to see this day ( thanks to an unfortunate event) I’m still looking for that longevity in the toys (or anything else) I buy and make.

Having kids provides us with another opportunity to engage in the wonderful world of play. To show and teach our dear offspring to learn, grow the imagination beyond the given purpose.

My brother’s family business MIELASIELA follows the same philosophy . They create simple, yet so beautiful timeless, natural wooden figures that, with care, will live to see the next generations. Simple they are, but imagine adding some paper/cardboard homes/stables, backgrounds, drawn or sewn play mats, accessories, stories or using these figures as a stacking game – one thing leads to so much more! More fun, for sure. For the whole family!

You can find full range here.



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I couldn’t agree more! We’re a big family, with lot’s of uncles, aunts, grandparents and when it comes to kids presents – mine are spoiled to the max. I’ve started asking people to rather give less, but consider the purpose and the longevity of the toys. My mum managed to save some of my favourite toys I had when I was little and now my kids are playing with them. Such a joy! Old tin or wooden ones with scraped paint and books are much loved in our house. A lot of plastic ones just fill up their rooms and eventually end up in yard sales, hardly ever being chosen as the ones ‘for keeps’.
I hope we’ll manage to get our hands on one or two of your mini sets. Our girls’s Birthday wishes are – any Manomine toy! Even i would like one for myself 🙂

I didn’t know your brother makes so beautiful things too. Are your parents creative people too?

The same here Simone, we credit my mother in law for our 35+ years old mini cars, sweet animal figures, a small Playmobile/Lego collection and fantastic wooden construction set. I’m hoping to add a few things to pass along the line…
I’ve e-mailed you regarding your girls b-day wishes, perhaps we can make it happen 😉

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