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  • From the one side it’s very different, from the other – it’s completely yours! I love the shape and in fact everything 😉 Well done!

  • He is absolute perfection! Such a personality in such a tiny little guy …
    I would love for Little Bobs to come live with me in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA,, USA!

  • Mr Bob has brought me the confidence that I can also make bears for adults (almost adults too, it’s just that this type of a teddy is more delicate and due to some small parts he’s is not suitable for children…). It was great to try something slightly different and I’m thrilled you like this boy! Thank you for your comments!

    He’ll be auctioned here, this Saturday, March 28th, from 9pm (UK time) to 10pm, for just 1 hour.

  • Mr. Bob s is break-my-heart beautiful.

    Truly. Adorable. “Perfect” is not going too far in description.

    Right. Must go pick up the pieces of my heart, I think one fell between the couch cushions…