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  • Hi Mia,
    This little fox is great! Any updates on the survey you did a while back? I can’t afford your animals but I would love to get a pattern so I could make a few for my girls- they have a dollhouse that is just the right size for your mini foxes. Any new thoughts on creating patterns? Thanks!

  • I see your point Cassidy, but releasing a pattern is not as simple as it might look. You may want it for personal use only, but there is no way to ensure that once the pattern is sold publicly it will never be used for reproducing my toys and at the moment I already have enough ‘copycats’ and would not want any more competition. Once I’ve decided to move on from a certain design – that’s when I’ll create ‘make yourself kits’, sell patterns for that toy. At the moment – I’m having fun making these foxes and who knows when I’ll tyre from them… 😉