Alni is my little 13cm tall silver fox. She’s looking for a new owner to take a good care of her… She doesn’t mind traveling to any destination in the world as long as loving home awaits her.

Please, tell me in the comments, where are you from and why she should be yours.

My boys & me – we will choose 1 winner on Friday, 20 December, 9pm UK time.



ย I’ve just realised, I’ve announced the winner in the comments… don’t ask me why! ๐Ÿ™‚ But here it goes:ย 

We had to shortlist our favourite comments and make a draw as it was just too hard for us to pick one among so many!!!
Brooke Mullins and Lone, Alni is going to travel and live in Ontario, Canada!

I want to thank you, for all these heartwarming stories youโ€™ve shared, for all your compliments โ€“ itโ€™s been one positive experience for me! So many wonderful peopleโ€ฆ lives! Thank you!

Happy Holidays! xx

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  • I’m from a little farming town called Blyth in South Australia. I am not eloquent with words, so I don’t expect to win this gorgeous set, but I thought I would encourage you anyway! Your workmanship and attention to detail is absolutely stunning, and I love the way all of your creations look like they have just jumped out of a story book! It is a beautiful gift to gift to someone this year, and with all of the hours that you have put into making it, I’m sure it will be much loved wherever it goes!

  • I’m a mum (pregnant) with 3 boys (Amedeo 10, Valentino 8 and Leonardo 4). We have lived in Australia, Bali, Lombok and the last 3 months in Italy. They all have a favourite teddy to sleep with at night. And all of my boys like to watch the movie “The fantastic Mr. Fox”.
    My little boy “Leonardo” would like to have a little sister. He turns 5 on 30th of December. At the moment he pretends that his teddy is his baby sister. It would be delighted if he will win this beautiful female Fox.

    Merry Christmas wishes to you all and I keep my fingers cross xxxxx

  • I’m in South Carolina, in the deep south of the USA, though my husband and I have spent time in Northeast China.

    I have loved little things for as long as I can remember. By 11 I was making my own dolls, because they just didn’t come small enough in the toy store! My creations were never as lovely as yours, but they were just as loved! Though I have a son and a child on the way, Alni would be all mine, to live on my bookshelf and be played with by myself, a grown woman who still plays with her dolls and stuffed toys (at least when nobody is looking!).

  • Oops! I got so excited that I forgot to mention that I live in beautiful, green Portland, Oregon, USA. It’s a great place for a precious fox like Alni (and her darling goose) to live. Lots of evergreen forests, rain, and beauty. Perfect for some lovely outdoor photo shoots too! Thank you again for the incredible opportunity! xo Jennifer

  • Dear Alni,

    I wrote you a missive yesterday but I don’t see it posted here so it must have gone awry…so here’s to second chances.

    Do you like watching for Spring bulbs emerging from the warming earth in a secret garden, paddling a canoe on the glassy lake of a summer morning, walking through a golden autumn forest, or sharing winter picnic in front of a sparkling fire? Me too. These and other such diversions await you at my house in beautiful Whitby, Canada. I can guarantee a safe and loving home with nary a naughty child in sight.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  • Dear Alni,

    It seems that you are dressed up warm enough for the Chicago winter. When you come here, we will have to take you downtown to admire Christmas lights and get you a warm hat and winter boots in one of the shops on Michigan Avenue (it’s a long beautiful avenue downtown). On our way there might see a few ducks like the one you have walking by the lake Michigan. Then we will all go to the Lincoln Park zoo, to see more lights, some cool ice sculptures, chat with the animals, and ride a carrousel. Don’t worry, I will hold you tight in my arms, just like I do my other three little friends at home(monkey, frog, and a white sheep – they can’t wait to meet you too!). After we come back home, we will have some warm camomile tea with honey and take a nice and long nap. We will dream of going to England together one day and you showing me around your home town.

    Nicholas (15 months old)

  • Hi,
    I live in Norway and think the little miss will like it here by the sea. She is so lovely and we know “What the Fox say”:)

    Merry Christmas to you all<3

  • My six year old daughter, Ava, who is learning to make felt creatures of her own right now, saw your little Alni and was speechless, her eyes wide. After a moment she said, “Mommy, who made her? She must have a magic needle!” I told her Alni was made by a very magical lady in England and she was giving her away to lucky someone this holiday season. “Oh mommy, she said, I”m going to have a dream tonight that Alni comes to live with us in Brooklyn!”

  • To you, the enchanting toy maker, we must confess:
    your charming toys are simply the best.
    A Tudor house in Silver Lake is our family’s cozy den
    Our Finnish name, “clan of the fox” is pronounced “Reponen.”
    That’s why young Phoebe Snow, age 5, collects all manner of foxes
    And builds them cottages of cardboard boxes.
    We’d love to give sweet Alni a home,
    So throughout Phoebe’s sweet dreams, she may roam!
    Happiest of Holidays to you and yours.

  • For the past few weeks my children and I have been making little handmade gifts for each other for Christmas. Too often they are not quite right – stitches not even, cutting not quite straight. The children become discouraged and I gently remind them that while not perfect, they are gifts from the heart and that it is love that is important. How foolish I feel then, to see such a perfect fox and feel that same wanting they ex

  • Sorry, my mistake… Try again…

    For the past few weeks my children and I have been making little handmade gifts for each other for Christmas. Too often they are not quite right โ€“ stitches not even, cutting not quite straight. The children become discouraged and I gently remind them that while not perfect, they are gifts from the heart and that it is love that is important. How foolish I feel then, to see such a perfect fox and feel that same wanting they express over things they have seen and want. May you find a home where you are loved!

  • Hi. Just wanted to say I love your work.They are just so cute.When I saw your cute little fox with a pet goose, I instantly thought of my goose who right now is in our garage
    for these cold Minnesota winters.I think that little Alni would love living in Minnesota -she already has a coat and scarf!

  • Dear Mia and Alni,
    We were originally from an island in the tropics and after traveling around the world, we now call the San Francisco Bay Area home.
    My little boy V is perfectly healthy except he is allergic to nuts and animal dander. Therefore after our beautiful Himalayan Fifi has gone to kitty heaven due to old age, we decided not to have pets until V grows out of the allergies. We still love animals so would love Alni to come to live with us.

    Ps. There’s a section on my blog named Meowism by Fifi if you would like to read about my feline soul mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  • When 3.5 years ago my daughter was born, I finally realize that became an adult. I don’t like to play as much as I though and I don’t dream about toys and dolls for Christmas.
    But when I look at your creations – that make me feel small again.
    I want to carry it with me all the time and change clothes and put it to sleep every night ๐Ÿ™‚
    May be that is because I’m pregnant now and feel very sentimental, but I will be happy to adopt little Alni.

    I’m form Moscow, Russia.

  • I live in a little house surrounded by The Reindeer Forest in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Hills, valleys, and fields are sprinkled throughout the forest. There is a stream for sailing boats at the bottom of my hill and a shale ledge where we search for fossils. Sometimes pirates sail up the stream and we find gold coins that they drop when they walk along the path looking for a perfect spot to hide their treasure. The Reindeer Forest is a most magical place where Santa’s reindeer, their friends the raccoons, and a fairy live. But not a fox. There are lots of fallen trees with hollows-the perfect places for a little fox to explore. She would need her coat when the snowflakes fly. And, who knows, the animal friends may crown her their queen.

  • Hi Alni,
    We would like to invite you to Rhode Island, a tiny state for a tiny fox like you to build a cozy den. We moved her from NYC so my little girl could explore nature every day! Many little creatures have made their home with us… you will be in good company with Cranberry, the lovebird who once lived with pigeons in a parking garage. She flies about with Chicory her mate. Lily Pad and Lotus Flower, two turtles rescued from a condemned community garden, and Lucky the baby sparrow, the victim of a bully Blue Jay, are all anxious for you to come! You will be part of the felt and mohair rank and file here! We would like to build a fairy house with you and have you meet Tilda, Fergus and Cora the Steiff hedgehogs that are awaiting your visit. Beatrice is making vegetable soup and hoping you will choose to live with us!

  • We are building a nest, called “Fox’s Folly” to house our wee family of three, and my darling boy, Fox, would simply adore meeting Miss Alni, and bringing her in to our home. We covet your creations from afar (Australia) but always seem to miss that boat when your creations go on sale, for we are usually sleeping when you are awake! All our very best love and Christmas cheer to you delightful creator of everything foxy and wonderful xoxo

  • My husband, Bear, and I live in Rhode Island, USA. I am a speech/language pathologist who works with toddlers with delays and disorders, helping them learn to communicate with their families. I would love to have Alni join me as I travel the state, visiting each child and not only sharing a bit of extra joy, but also helping them to talk. Alni can help me create a fantastic world of tiny tea parties and dress-up time, bringing a smile to so many toddlers’ faces. <3

  • Maine is such a wonderful place to live- beaches, mountains, sun and snow!!! This little fox has captured the hearts of my daughter and I. We love all things stuffed and little. She is a perfect combination of both. These little creations are timeless treasures and are the type of toy that you just don’t get to see or play with anymore. She would be loved and cherished and hopefully passed on for generations to come. I hope we are the lucky family to enjoy her- Happy Holidays

  • Dear Alni,

    I live in New York on an Island that looks like a fish. It is called Long Island because – you guessed it – it is very long! My home is in the middle of the island with the Long Island Sound and Connecticut to my north and the Atlantic Ocean on the south shore. It is a beautiful island which enjoys all four seasons. Winters can be dark and cold but if you came to live with me it would brighten my home immensely. I have many teddy bears and other beautiful creations made my very talented artists. Your Mom is one of the artists I have long admired – she is very talented! I would love to have you come to live with me and all of my furry friends to bring joy and light to our home. I hope you will consider making the long journey to New York. You will be welcomed warmly and loved much.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  • Just to let you know Alvi that you have been invited to a most personal little Christmas bash, thrown by the tiny forest friends that occupy my little one’s room. They have put down all their picknick quilts, have decorated their Christmas tree and are conspiring to make lots of cakes and hot chocolates. Miss mouse will attend, so will mister hedgehog and his friends the owls. Even pinkie the bear and her baby blue cub will join in the fun. There’s a place and plate left, just on the right side of the tree… and all are hoping that you, a smart fox, will celebrate along.

    PS: an extra cushion has been put down for your small duck to sit on.

  • “Oh, the fox went out on a foggy night. He prayed to the moon to give him light. Many a mile to go that night,before he reached the town-o, town-o, town-o, many a mile to go that night before he reached the town-o.” This being the all time favorite song in our household (google “The Fox went out” if you aren’t already familiar with it, or email me because we have a hilarious family youtube video singing it!) we would LOVE for Alvi to come to our “town-o!” New Orleans is a great place for singing, dancing, families, and foxes! big hugs and hope to see you soon.

  • I am twelve years old and I live in Minnesota. Alni is so cute and I’d love to have her! I’m sure she and her adorable goose would love to come live at my house. She would be nice and warm with her coat and scarf, and her dress is perfect for playing in the summertime. And they would both enjoy meeting the goose who lives in my back yard and looks remarkably like Alni’s!

  • Hi! I love your mini-animals and I would be more than happy to win this lovely little fox! I am a writer and a toy maker myself and I therefore I can appreciate the amount of work and time put into this project. She would be very welcome!
    I live in Tallinn, Estonia, a small country in the northern part of Europe.

  • We all absolutely adore your creations here at our house. We even use your photos as screen settings on our phones. It would be amazing to have this little sweetheart to travel the world with us as we move from country to country. We are living in Fredericksburg, Virginia, so for now, we could show her America’s east coast. We have just moved here from three years in Puerto Rico, and have no idea where we are going next, but with her travel coat, satchel and goose, Alni looks ready to go with us.
    You make such lovely things! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. And thank you especially for this lovely chance to have one of your beautiful creatures. I am already imagining the precious little things I can knit for her to wear!
    Happiest of holidays to you and your family!

  • My wife is scheduled to have major surgery after the holidays. She loves your little animals, and I know how much it would cheer her up while she recovers to be able to look at this tiny fox. I have been trying to think of ways to make her smile, as she will be in pain for a long time. This would be such an amazing surprise. I appreciate the chance to participate in your giveaway. Your work is incredible.

  • LOVE!!!! I live Williamstown Ontario, Canada and Anli would love to live here with us in the country. My husband and I share our home with 2 dogs who would help Anli adjust to the move. It is cold here in the winter, but Alni does have a lovely winter coat to keep her warm. Oh, the adventures that wait on the other side of the world! Your work is wonderful and makes me smile. I promise to have a warm and lovely home for sweet Anli.

  • I’m from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The only thing I can say when I look at your work is “DELIGHTED”. No matter what I’m searching for on crafting or on Pinterest, I wind up stumbling across your adorable dolls and they delight me! I get whisked back to a world where I’m a young girl again and my imagination runs wild. I’d be delighted to have this sweet little fox at my desk at work so I can daydream and take my mind far away from the conference call at hand and dream up a fun adventure for this cozy little friend.

  • Love your little creatures so much, each one has a personality. I live in the small Washington town of Sedro Woolley which is named after the lovely cedar trees ( but they couldn’t spell cedar). I make little box rooms for all my small stuffies and it would be a pleasure to create a cute cosy room for a small fox like Alni. Thank you for the chance to bring her over to our home.

  • Little time has left, until you choose the winner, but I’d like to take a chance, too.
    This has been crazy and hard, but at the same time unbelievable and amazing year with beautiful highs and some deep lows, which made me to make some big changes in my life. So if Alni would come to Latvia, where I live, she’d be beautiful reminder of this year ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your creations are sooo beautiful and make me want to cuddle them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • We had to shortlist our favourite comments and make a draw as it was just too hard for us to pick one among so many!!!
    Brooke Mullins and Lone, Alni is going to travel and live in Ontario, Canada!

    I want to thank you, for all these heartwarming stories you’ve shared, for all your compliments – it’s been one positive experience for me! So many wonderful people… lives! Thank you!

    Happy Holidays! xx