Yet again, Christmas is fast approaching, but before it knocks on our doors, I like the whole countdown to the big day. Every year I make an advent calendar for my kids. And while I’m working on ours, I thought to offer one for you too.

I’ve prepared a midi bear set with more than 25 items so that the recipient could get something daily for the bear during those 3 weeks before Christmas… You’ll also receive 25 paper bags, 25 numbered paper tags, some linen ribbon, washi tape (all of it comes in a separate linen bag) – for a simple packaging of the items in the calendar.

Salt, the little bear, stands at around 20cm (7.8 inches) tall and comes in a papier mache  box (28 x 20 x 7.5cm or 11 x 8 x 3 inches) along with all of the goodies that you see bellow:

quilt + pillow

2 felt coats

2 knitted hats + scarves

8 dresses

1 t-shirt

3 skirts

weekend bag

shoulder bag

photo album

mini toy teddy Plum in a dress

Moses basket + blanket + milk bottle for Plum

linen picnic basket

felt mini food: sandwich, doughnut, croissant , 2 tarts

big cake

porcelain tea set for one + wooden milk bottle

felt Christmas set (a free standing tree + stocking)

This set includes small linen carry bag that fits all of these little things in for an easy take a long!

Salt and her belongings will go to the person who offers the highest bid  by 17th November, 9am UK time (time converter here). Use the comments below for your offers. Please, make a bid only if you’re ready to commit to pay the price you’re bidding, otherwise the item will go to the nearest highest bidder. Once the auction is over, I’ll upload the set to my shop for the payment. Payment will have to be made within 24 hours after the auction is finished.

It will come carefully wrapped and sent as insured, signed for parcel.

Starting bid is £100. Currency converter here.

























This is just one idea how you could use the provided advent calendar supplies:


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  • Love your creations!! Just wondering, do you hand sew everything yourself? And what are they stuffed with?
    Alaina Snipper

  • Oh, Mia))!!
    You know how we love your creators)))
    Saule sends kisses and hugs to you)))
    And I have surprise inside who we are waiting till Christmas))
    Please-please also remind me your address in personal messages on FB
    Hugs and xxx,

    And the bid for now – 450 GBP

  • OMG, I’m speechless… and so thrilled! Whatever the final price is, I promise, it’s gonna be shared! Thank you so much for your very generous bids Ekaterina and Tanja!!!
    Kate, Linda, the bidding is on, it will end this Sunday (9am London, UK time).

  • Bonjour ! J’adore vos créations que j’ai repérées depuis un moment déjà 🙂 Mais je me rends compte que j’arrive trop tard, le prix est déjà trop élevé pour moi… Je tenterai ma chance une autre fois !
    Mais vraiment un GRAND BRAVO pour vos jolies créations 🙂
    Bonne journée

  • Adorable! Would have placed a bid, but can’t top the current £450! Amazing and a testament to how talented you are! Have a great lead up to Christmas and all the very best for the festive season!
    Caterine x

  • Wish I could bid on this wonderful creation – hopefully I will get on “the list”!
    and congrats on such a great auction so far – good to see artisans getting great $$$ for their work!

  • This auction is now closed.
    Thank you thank you THANK YOU all for your generous(!!!) bids, for your lovely comments!
    I’ve not decided yet, whom I’ll share this money with, but we have a couple of ideas. I’ll keep you posted!
    Anaiis, Salt is yours! Merci beaucoup! I’ll e-mail you shortly.