Lulu set

New year calls for new things, so here is my very first one: after some encouragement from some of you I’ve decided to finally give auction style sale a go.

Lulu is one of those bears I find hard to let go off, she’s been ‘born’ over the festive Christmas week and perhaps is filled up with more than just lots of love. She’s melting my heart and I wish her the best home there can be… 🙂

Little bear stands at around 13cm or 5.1 inches tall and comes in a small hand painted wooden box along with all of the goodies that you see bellow: quilt + pillow, 5 dresses, underskirt,  felt coat, knitted hat + scarf, shoulder bag, vintage style evening bag, 4 mini wooden hangers, linen picnic basket + rug, felt croissant, 2 tarts & doughnut, wooden bottle of milk, porcelain tea set for one, plain album, 2 personal letters, mini needlefelted toy Lou (Lou has her own Moses basket, blanket and milk bottle). This set includes small canvas carry bag that fits all of these little things in for an easy take a long!

Lulu and her belongings will go to the person who offers the highest bid ( please be aware, you’ll need a PayPal account for purchasing it!) by 7th January, 9pm UK time (time converter here). Use the comments below for your offers. Please, make a bid only if you’re ready to commit to pay the price you’re bidding, otherwise the item will go to the nearest highest bidder.

Starting bid is £150, currency converter here.





















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  • Dear Mia,
    She’s adorable. I wish I could bid, unfortunately that is too big a prise for me this time of year 😉 I wish you the best of luck in letting her go. For all the bidders: good chance!
    And of course best wishes to a wonderful lovely 2013!

  • I can’t place a bid neither, I hope Lulu will find a good home. I wish sometimes we could see the new home of your adopted ones. Please ask the winner to give news !

  • She is adorable, Good luck with your sale! It’s the first time I see this kind of auction, I’m curious! I should look into that.:)
    Bye and Happy New year, love your work

  • Absolutely love your amazing and stunning bears, I wish I could bid, I hope to add one of your wonderful inspirational creations to my collection very soon!!! Love LuLu she is beautiful.

  • bonsoir,

    ce que vous faites est tres tres beau, j’aimerai pouvoir me l’offrir, j’ai conscience du travail que cela représente, mais j’avoue que la conversion en euros est énorme…

    ya t il d’autres solutions?

    merci de votre réponse


  • Dear Mia and Lulu,

    Please forgive my very brief comment earlier, I have a newborn baby who needed my attention! I just wanted to say that if I am fortunate enough to be the highest bidder, I can promise you that little Lulu will be loved and cherished. When I was a little girl, my mom did not like “plastic” toys. She preferred to find special things that were either antique or handmade, or both! My sisters and I were taught how to play with our lovely “babies” whilst still taking very good care of them. To this day, we have some “loves” that we are now able to share with our children. To me, Mia’s beautiful work is more like purchasing an heirloom, one destined to be filled with memories.

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that Lulu’s lovely trunk will head to our home in the States.



  • Oops, just realized I should’ve bid a bit higher because of the conversion. $325 USD is my new bid. Thanks!

  • She’s gorgeous. I hope to be able to purchase one of your beautiful creations for my daughter one day (she’s two months old right now). I agree with what Yasmine said. They’re like little treasures. 🙂

  • Hi Mia, she is very cute, but i have a little one… thanks a lot. I will wait for a fox…..tanja

  • oh my… I have to slow down my breathing! Trying to find the right words…. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU so so so much Elena,, Danae, Yasmine for your generosity, thank you all for all the comments!!! I hoped Lulu will find a great home, but she also brought so much needed money, a lot of it! I’ll share it…
    Elena, Lulu is yours as the auction has ended 9pm sharp (UK time) and you were the last bidder. Danae – I’m holding my hand on my heart – thank you (and Elena – both of you really!) My shop is going to be updated this Friday, so perhaps there will be something you like.

    I’m overwhelmed. And very grateful! Smiling. Aaaaaaaaaa!!!! x

  • The best bidder won! All my best to Lulu, her creator and new owner! Warm Regards, Danae

  • Congrats to you Elena, you bought yourself a beautiful bear. Wish you and your daughter a playful time with Lulu. Please share a picture on FB once you received her? Thank you.
    @Mia, I am smiling for you too. It’s your reward for the beautiful creatures you make. Thank you for sharing.

  • What a lovely bunch of people you are! I have no excuse to bid at the moment as my babies are grown ( my daughter, an illustrator, loves your work as much as I do, Mia) I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one anyway except I’m putting my son through his degree and it being post-Christmas I am spent out… However – I wanted to say, Mia, that your work is unique and exquisite – and, believe me, I’ve had many, many years looking at comparable things. You absolutely deserve to be fetching these prices and I’m thrilled for you! xx

  • Danae, thank you! Something is telling me that you will get a New friend in your Family soon:))))

  • If I could show you the size of my happiness at the moment, filled with all this positiveness you all gave and continue giving me – it’s big… massive! :))
    Never mind the money, for what I’m honestly very thankful, but your support and encouragement and your messages – here and private e-mails, thanks for that!
    My new toys will be bouncing with this good energy! Fiona, Rieette – xx!!