A bear for me!








So, I make toys, a lot of them are bears, but in my house you would only find one little teddy I’ve kept, Cinnamon, my very first jointed and almost proper bear. One. But for the rest of my ‘children’ I have this hope and vision that my toys are not ending up as dust collectors who only watch the lives go by around them. I see them experiencing the joys of  being a toy, of being played with, loved ( a lot!), belonging to somebody, being a dear friend and having many, please, many many wonderful things shared with them!  I wish them long long life, with more than one child dear in their hearts…

As for my Cinnamon bear, he’s loved and he has not so bad companion most days, me. And for the last week, he’s no longer the only bear in our home! Cinnamon No2 (above)  is made by my very dear friend, lovely bear maker Rasa’s Kaper.  He’s  heavy (filled with saw dust & steel pallets), stands on his own, melts my heart completely, is in my favourite colour ( Rasa!!! 😉 and ah, ah – such a handsome little boy! My heart skipped a few beats when we unwrapped the packaging, everything so detailed, so perfect… and with some extra thoughtful presents – oh, how wonderful to get such lovely gifts!!! Anyone else wants to make my day? Seriously :))  I can’t thank enough, for the bear (and the extra goodies!), for the friend I found in you Rasiuk, I think it’s time for more swaps in my life. :))

I’ll  show you my bear that will move to Holland to live with Rasa’s and with her (I hear lots and lots) other teddies she collects, soon.




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