What a treat: a trip to the town, without a dog (for the first time in 4 months!!!), to the Science Museum to see daddy at work and his work. Web Lab is one of a kind, interactive (both online and at the museum) 24 hour exhibition where users are be able to operate the exhibits even overnight when the museum is closed. You’ll find five experiments, each involves creating and sharing media in a way you’ve never done before. ‘Universal Orchestra’, an internet-powered, eight-piece robotic orchestra; ‘Sketchbots’, a series of robots able to take photographs and then sketch them in sand; ‘Data Tracer’, a map that traces where the world’s online information is physically stored; ‘Teleporter’, a series of web-enabled periscopes giving instant access to sites including a 24-hour US bakery; ‘Lab Tag Explorer’, a real-time visualisation of all ‘Web Lab’ visitors around the world (our daddy’s main ‘baby’ in this project). Everything  you do is stored in a little personal “lab tag’ that you can continue to interact over the internet. And you’ll want to 😉

Our kids didn’t want to leave. And, now more than ever before, they both hope to one day be like daddy, do creative things like he does, share it with the world…


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