That’s what the mood is like today, different. Although the morning is the same as many, it’s the same wood, I feel somewhat differently in here. Steps are not rushing and my thoughts are at rest. Scents, pure, fresh scents squeeze through  into the lungs. I always feel good in the wood, but today is different good. Very good. It’s a warm morning, overstayed mist lurks among the trees, runners,  busy or just passing people, dogs. And lots of puddles. I  glance down, and they reflect a beautiful world. It is mine.

I press headphones with music on and me & my dog we’re in no hurry to go home …

Siandien tokia nuotaika, kitokia. Nors rytas toks pat. Miskas toks pat, bet as kitaip jame jauciuosi. Zingsniai neskuba ir mintys ilsisi. Kvapai, gryni, gyvi kvapai patys skverbiasi i plaucius. Miske visada gera, bet siandien gera kitaip. Labai gera. Siltas rytas, lengvas rukas uzsibuves tarp medziu, begiojantys, kazkur skubantys ar tiesiog  praeinantys zmogeliukai, sunys. Ir daug balu. Zvilgteli zemyn, o jose atspindys grazaus pasaulelio. Jis mano. 

Prispaudziu ausines ir kartu su muzika mudu su suniu neskubam namo…

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