Mini set. About 20cm (7.8 inches) tall (from tippy toes to those long ears). Needs assistance with standing up on her own.Fay can sit, move her little arms and legs.

This little girl comes in a small hand painted wooden box along with a warm quilt + pillow, 5 dresses, felt coat,  woollen scarf, linen picnic rug, linen picnic basket and some felt goodies: a purse, mini felted toy Fif  (Fif has her own woollen Moses basket & a blanket), notebook, 2 cakelets, croissant, sandwich, doughnut, cake, wooden milk bottle and a ‘porcelain’ tea set for one.

Made from German mohair, felt, cotton, acrylic, filled with polyester & love.

Not suitable for very young and naughty kids.

£150 (235USD) + P&P (Postage and Packaging ). SOLD, THANK YOU!


Shipment: listed items are standard first class mail in UK and air mail to the rest of the world. For those who wish to speed up the receiving process or prefer registered/insured mail (as I’m not responsible for lost parcels or  items damaged during delivery) – let me know before buying so that we can calculate the total.

Things are shipped nicely wrapped and labelled, most of my toys come in new boxes. Please, reuse them!

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  • I’d like this one please, if there’s no one else ahead of me on the waiting list. She’s beautiful.

  • Grožis , kruopštumas, meilumas. Tavo kūrinėliai atrodo tokie trapūs ir šviesūs 🙂
    Beje, man labai patiko kaip susitvarkei su “Mailing List”, nes šis dalykas mane jau “pakabino ” ant kabliuko – nei ten, nei ten. Reiks pasinaudoti tavo variantu.

  • Thank youuuu! 😉 Fay has found her person!
    rasa, tas ‘waiting list’ tai iki siol dar neatsirankioju ar jis man tinka/patinka ar tai daugiau vargas nei nauda… tiesiog l. noretusi kuo daugiau zmoniu suteikti sansa isigyti tai ko jie noretu, butu paprasciausia tiesiai parduotuven sudet nei rasineju, kas atsako, kas persigalvojo, laiko tarp kontinentu skirtumas… o ir norintieji spaudzia kam pirmenybe. Ziuresim. Vis bandau! :))

  • Na, man pasirodė, kad taip gal geriau veikia 🙂 Bet vėlgi , kas pirmas sąraše (nors ir ilgai miega) , vistiek turi pirmenybę?
    Ideliausia – dėti į parduotuvę, bet…. kartais ne visada taip gali, deja…. Aš šiuo metu ilgoje apmąstymų būsenoje 🙂