About 20cm (7.8 inches) tall (from tippy toes to those long ears).

This little girl comes in a small hand painted wooden box along with a warm quilt + pillow, 4dresses, felt coat,  woollen scarf, linen picnic rug, linen picnic basket and some felt goodies: a bag, mini felted toy Little Bear (Little Bear has it’s own woollen Moses basket & a blanket), notebook, 2 cakelets, croissant, 2 heart cookies and a ‘porcelain’ tea set for one.

Available. Sold, thank you!

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  • Jau pradeda trūkti žodžių… man patinka… Zuikutė su savo draugu , Zuikutė rūpestinga draugė, Zuikutė – modistė, Zuikutė – jautri siela, užrašanti savo mintis į dienoraštį, Pusryčiai, Zuikutė su draugu Meškučiu pusryčiauja ir “All in one and ready”… and we go off to….??? labai labai:)

  • Dekui Rasiuk! As jauciuosi kaip daugiavaike mama, vis ‘gimdosi’ tie ‘vaikai’… ir panasus jie man pasidare ir naujoviu jau norisi…:)))
    O sita madam tai i NY kraustosi. As palauksiu kol mane i svecius isikurusi pasikvies… Bent jau sapnuose 😀

  • Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos with us, Mia!

    It is the first time I visit your blog and I simply can´t tire of looking at your creations. Dangerous, dangerous – I would rather spend hours on your website than doing the things I should get done today… 😉

    Warm greetings, Juliane