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  • Hi there, I absolutely love what you do, and this little creation is no exception…. She is lovely!! I wish I would have been so lucky to receive one of these small world creations when I was a little girl. Which is why I’m wondering if you are accepting commissions? And if so how much do you charge? I’ve got two little ones and I’m sure they would be over the moon with one of your boxed goodies. Keep up the amazing work!

  • dekui merginos, Rasa – swapas nepamirstas! Butinai! Rudeniop? ;~)
    Naomi, mini sets like this one don’t come cheap (from 165USD), but they bring to little (and bigger!) people a whole new tinny world to discover and be part of. 😉

  • Thanks for the reply… I’ll definitely be in touch in the future about having something made. Is this the best way to contact you?Also, what’s the turn around period, as I’d like to know how far in advance I would need to place an order with you. Thanks!!

  • Supratau 😉 ..nors pas mane ne sezonas, bet tikiuosi , kai būsiu namie , jis prasidės, nes rankos jau labai “niežti” 🙂