Olivia has a baby!

She had only one wish on her list and how could I have not grounded it? Baby Oliver was born healthy and made his mum (and their new owner) very very happy



I was making Bingo, the dog,  for Davi, but sometimes even I can not control everything. He chose Olivia as his best friend. So I made another dog who now adores Davi



This is the 3d version of a pram that my bear finally said ‘yes’ to. Still not perfect… I had my own ideas how it should look, but it ended up almost a copy of this one. In any way, you’ll see more prams here from now on. There are more babies on the way…

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  • Mia 🙂
    you know how deep I love (and Saule also), how we love your fantastic creatures
    Have a nice-nice weekend )))))

  • Your blog is new to me, I found you through Rosehip. Your creations are seriously cute! and I’m very inspired.
    Thanks for sharing your work. I’ll be back for sure.
    I’ve been making sock monkeys lately, so I can relate to your characters coming to life. I’d love for you to come by for a visit!

  • I wish you a happy new year, I hope it will be serene and bring to you and your loved ones a lot of happiness and joy.
    “Life and dreams are sons of the same book: read them is living, browse them randomly is dreaming” (Schopenhauer). Happy 2010, Rosi.