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  • Love your tree photos! I grew up in the country and moved to the city as an adult too…and now I’m somewhere in the middle. (The suburbs…ugh.)

    This winter, I ordered a whole batch of little trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. They arrived in March and are now all sprouting their first leaves and enjoying the spring sunshine. So exciting! I take my 14 month old out in the backyard every day to look at them.

    Your new little bears (and bunny) are very sweet.

  • Beautiful photos. Looove your bears! Can’t wait to have mine! ;D

    I spent most of my childhood in urban Tokyo. Though during my teens I was at school in Malvern which was beautiful (but boring as a teenager). I agree, I love london too. The only thing is that I want Tubes to be cleaner!

    Have a wonderful weekend!